Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good-Bye Entropy!

You will be missed...

PS: A successor will be named, as soon as he/she/it is born. Please check back soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

How beauteous a mankind!

Well, just us.

(With apologies to Aldous Huxley)

Act 1, Scene 1
Place: Residence of A. N. Srinivasan and Lakkkshmi Srinivasan
Time: 6:00 PM

Enter Lakkkshmi strapped on to her iClone, in the phone mode.

Lakkkshmi: Hello? Can you hear me better now?
Sarojini: Yes its clearer now... what happened.
Lakkkshmi: The signal gets pretty weak sometimes on the balcony, I just came into the drawing room. Oh don't get me started on that! We tried to complaining to the Life-Service-Providers. They keep saying they will fix it, but never do.
Sarojini: Ok, enough with the mokkai di! Don't change the subject... so what happened next? Did you join the game?
Lakkkshmi: Yes of course! Everybody there insisted I do, how could I refuse?
Sarojini: And how was it... did you get to kiss Homi?
Lakkkshmi: Better! The first challenge we had to face was be alone in the bedroom for 10 minutes!
Sarojini: Wow! And did anything interesting happen?
Lakkkshmi: Second base!
Sarojini: (shrieks) I told you it would be fun! Orgy-Porgy parties are always fun. I should know- I have been to each and everyone our project manager has organized since he joined InfoComm last year. So are you going to take things to the next level with Homi?
Lakkkshmi: Yes. They have called me to join them for Homi's group's next team-outing when they finish debugging the new UBS interface next month. Homi is so charming and sophisticated. He also shares my passion for Numerology. Besides, yesterday's groping has left me craving for more!
Sarojini: Ye well, take it from me- there is nobody better at foreplay in the whole of InfoComm than Homi Bose.
Lakkkshmi: True!
Sarojini: Hey by the way, remember that detective assignment you gave last week? Well I did some sniffing around, and finally Indira from the HR told me she swore she saw Srinivasan and Annie in a cinema theater seriously at it.
Lakkkshmi: I knew it! That sneaky bastard! When I confronted him with the videos I recorded of him flirting with her in the coffee room last month, he was in complete denial. And then he went on about how he has been clean since last year's episode and why I need to overcome my insecurities...
Sarojini: The nerve! After what he pulled off...
Lakkkshmi: Right! Anyways, I do not care who he sleeps with... as long as he knows his place in the house. You just need to raise hell once in a while at home to keep the husband in line. Lest he should get any wrong ideas.
Sarojini: That's so true. Its been at least a week since I even spoke to Bhagat. I just keep myself updated about his love life, just so that I can guilt him into doing anything. That reminds me, we are getting the house repainted and bringing in some people to demolish that eye-sore of a kitchen- you know my moron husband bought this God Forsaken old-generation house which had a kitchen in it. And I am going for jewelery shopping tomorrow for Deepavali... you wan't to join?
Lakkkshmi: Damn! Its this Monday??? 3 days back I had to restart my iClone because it hanged. I didn't realize the dates got shifted back one year to 2046. The calendar malfunctioned and my whole schedule got screwed up because of that. I missed all my project meetings, all my reminders! Hell, I even missed my date with Ravindranath that night!
Sarojini: Well isn't that a silver lining! I do not even know why you are still seeing him. He is such a weirdo!
Lakkkshmi: Nah! I still like him... probably it will take me another week to get bored of him.
Sarojini: Bah! I so feel like kicking you right now...
Lakkkshmi: Sssshhh! ... hang on... I think its Srinivasan at the door... I think he has come back for the day. Lets talk tomorrow at the office, I'm not in a mood to look at him now... Hanging up now, bye.

Lakkkshmi exits. Enter Srinivasan, strapped on to his iClone in combined TV-remote sharing and phone mode. Music and images are playing out of the hologram-TV.

"... I am sorry we are completely out of time, we will have to leave it there. Before we end the show, let's have a final look at our high-speed-SMS poll to see what you are saying to the question we are asking today,
'Are Indians the brightest people in the world?' 100% are saying YES and 0% are saying NO.
So thats a very huge majority saying, yes, we are indeed the brightest people on the planet. Thanks very much to our esteemed panel of guests comprising of politicians, film actors and CEOs. To the viewers at home, thanks for watching Face the Nation. This is your host Saavadikira Gosh wishing you a happy and safe Diwali. (cough, cough) Please stay tuned for our nightly news bulletin coming up, right after a small commercial break. Good night. "


Need some help living your life?
Presenting iClone- the latest Personal Digital Soulmate from Pomegranate Inc., capable of managing all aspects of a person's life, and even, replacing it when you are too busy with other things. With 100 TB of memory, Wifi, GPS, Mobile communicator, personal scheduler, comfortable portable strap-on body and flexible 3D motion-controlled hologram-projection graphics, you never have to miss anything in life! Just press the record button and save even the most trivial details of life for later viewing. Record yourself and transmit holograms to places you don't want to go but have to. Play VR games, experience the latest technology in movie viewing and never miss an appointment.
iClone- better than reality... better than you!


Todays top stories! ... Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi says it is a proud moment and truly a milestone in the history of India when he, the great-grand-son of the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Nehru, addresses children on the occasion of Children's day next week, which also happens to be Nehru's birthday, in the 100th year of India's Independence.
Veteran Journalist and News anchor Rajdeep Somaari has been awarded the highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna. Everybody here at Fox-INN joins the nation in congratulating him for this great honor.
Fierce battle is raging on between the government forces and the Onge adivasis in the Andaman islands. Dane-gi Okwa, the tribal representative in the Andaman and Nicobar council of ministers says the indigenous people are fighting for their way of life, language and culture...

Srinivasan switches off the TV-remote sharing mode. Brings the microphone closer to his mouth.

Srinivasan: People like these should be shot at sight, don't you think?
Kamaraj: Ye, I mean what does he think he is saying. If he doesn't like our country, why doesn't he just get out. I would shoot him twice.
Srinivasan: Like what's wrong with the life we have in India. We can get anything we want here. Life is so good. It should be the best anywhere in the world.
Kamaraj: Why can't they get educated, come to the cities and join the mainstream.
Srinivasan: May be they are not capable of doing it. In which case they should at least not create any trouble for us civilized.
Kamaraj: Yes, we must never tolerate any...
Srinivasan and Kamaraj suddenly jump into a trance
Both together: ...attempt to upset the Stability, question the order of Things.
Srinivasan: (Coming out of the trance) Amen. It is up to us cosmopolitan educated urban Indians to clean up the mess. It is up to us to reform the society, lead the way and show how life should be lived to these Savages. Imagine what kind of impression these acts of savagery would create for the outside world about us.
Kamaraj: Yes, as if there are very less misconceptions foreigners have about us already.
Srinivasan: Very true. Only yesterday I was talking to our client representative Mr. Crick Watson in the USA, while we were conducting a load test on the networking application we built for them. It seems he did a minor in Indology and Tamil studies during Bachelors. We were just talking about this and that... and suddenly he was telling me that how although the architecture of Southern India before the Common Era wasn't developed enough to leave any tangible evidence, the literature itself presents a clear picture of the time. I mean, this is the kind of history they are taught!
Kamaraj: Ye, can you believe it? Leave it to the western scholars to tell us what our past is!
Srinivasan: What does he know about our heritage! "architecture was not developed" my ass.
Kamaraj: Precisely! Only yesterday I was reading on that not only were Indians the best engineers, doctors, biochemists, quantum physicists and neuroscientists of the ancient world, but also the best mathematicians and architects.
Srinivasan: Oh is it?
Kamaraj: Yes. It also says that the ancient guru Brihaspati went out from India in 7000 B. C. and traveled around the world. He finally went to Egypt where he built a great school, taught the native Savages how to count, how to measure and how to build. It was from that knowledge that the ancient Egyptians were able to build the Pyramids and it was from that school that Pythagoras later graduated and spread the knowledge of geometry.
Srinivasan: What is it that our forefathers haven't accomplished, I ask! And this guy babbles about us not having any architecture!
Kamaraj: Ye, minor in Tamil Studies indeed! God knows what crap they study in their majors to begin with. Can you even compare how much we study and how hard we work here in India in the engineering college to what those dummies do there?
Srinivasan: Free free! They can never understand our genius.
Kamaraj: Hmm... So how was your day at work today?
Srinivasan: Ah! We got a new batch of recruits today. 4 newbies were assigned to me to train. One of them is a chick named Malini. Man, you should have checked out the ass on her. Perfect, like a peach!
Kamaraj: Oh! So the great Ariyakudi Narasimhan Srinivasan has spotted his next conquest!
Srinivasan: Oh please stop flattering her! She seems more easy than making my brain dead wife believe my story about going to Goa on a "business" trip.
Kamaraj: Yeah... that was one great trip! Orgy-Porgy rocks!
Srinivasan: It sure does. Well, I better get going now... its time for my evening prayers.
Kamaraj: Oh ok. Let me go in and see if my kids are back from their school.
Srinivasan: Oh, Parthasarathy was telling me he and Sowmya are both going to stay at a friend's- I think his name is Venkat- place and study tonight.
Kamaraj: Oh, Sowmya didn't mention that to me.
Srinivasan: I must say, Partha has been putting in a lot of effort these days to improve his grades. I have disciplined him enough for him to understand that he must respect his parents' wishes, just like we used to respect our parents.

Act 1, Scene 2: Venkat's place

Parthasarathy and Sowmya lying on the bed. Venkatraman sitting on the floor next to them.

Partha: I think my father is the biggest f**king idiot in the world.
Sowmya: Ditto.
Venkat: Guys, you told me you wanted to come here and study. But all you have done is make out and pot.
Sowmya: Shut up Venkat, don't be such a dork. We came to your place only because we wanted to get as far as possible away from our parents.
Venkat: But guys, what if my parents come to know of this. They are downstairs.
Partha: Relax! This is new stuff, doesn't smell at all.
Sowmya: Yeah, and besides, do you think your parents really care what we do up here. Your dad must be talking crap with his friends and your mom with her friends. They have enough going on already. Happens everywhere.
Venkat: But guys, what about the exam tomorrow.
Partha: Dude, you should learn to take things easy! Here, try some of this.
Venkat: What! No way dude! I don't want to get all dizzy and addicted and stuff.
Partha: Dude, haven't you figured it out yet? We don't smoke pot to get dizzy. We do it because thats the only way we can deal with our parents having their heads up their ass all the time.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Revamping Room 101

24th April 2084

When I saw this date flashing on the huge plasma screen on the top of the Ministry of Gyaan complex, it sent a chill down my spine. It was like a sudden flashback. I'm pretty sure I saw this date before. I just can't remember when. It must be when I was a kid.... but then, I can't remember when I was a kid. Seems so long ago. Seems before the First-Age war. I don't know how old I am... I don't know how close to death I am. All I have to show for myself is this IDCHIP in my skin. And I know it shows Them some thing and shows me something else. I have seen it. I saw it 2 weeks back at work as I was leaving Angad's office. He switched his security-monitoring screen too soon. I got a glimpse of Narendran's Level-5 Profile. I did not see much... all I could make out was that his birth name was actually Vincent... But what difference does it make? What am I to do even if they told me the truth? Some day I will die of old age, or may be they will catch me sooner than that, and they will take the chip out of me, and erase me out of all memory. Better I don't have a clue when that happens. Better I make the most of what I have. Better I live as long as I do hoping the fool's hope that some day things will change. Some day the world will change. No more promises of eternal happiness... no more incarnations... no more Great Mother...

I hate Great Mother
I hate Great Mother
I hate Great Mother

I will hate her to my grave. I don't care if she is the redeemer the scriptures prophesied. I don't care if she is God. I hate her. She took away from me what is most precious to me. I am nothing. I have nothing. I hate her...

My office was moved today from MinGyaan complex to the new Project Third Eye building next to it. Apparently even MinGyaan doesn't have enough room for all its employees. Or may be the Higher Party officials needed more people and space in the forbidden top floors now that Third Eye is in the fourth phase and nearing completion, and needs more stringent close monitoring. Karma Police agents were supervising when about 70 of us cleared up and moved to our new office space reeking of fresh paint. The PTE building was dwarfed by the imposing MinGyaan next to it. And it did not have the huge dark glass exterior. It looked pretty dull for the profound power it was going to house. When I reached there, I saw my workstation was already in place. The Karma agents printed the new passwords on to our IDCHIPs and we stood at our places waiting for orders. I did not see Angad for a long time. I think he was still briefing other Party members back in MinGyaan about our project status and or may be about yesterday's incident in Govapuri. He finally came and convened the Ground Control, and we could finally sit. A new era started right there.

The new jobs immediately popped up on my screen and as I had expected, the top priority was the meeting with the reporter from GyaanVeda. Sure enough he came to my desk in a few minutes. I have never actually met anyone from there before, although they worked only two stories above my old office. Well, the Lower Party elevators never go up. He told me his name was Parashuram Saraswat. He was tall, lean and looked wasted. His eyes looked tired and cold and had dark circles beneath them. His whole demeanor had nothing that I could associate with anything human. No anger no frustration no joy no sorrow. He spoke like a machine taught to speak. You could almost hear the constant ringing of Great Mother in his head. He was dead from inside. He asked me for the pictures. I knew what exactly I had to tell him. Angad had briefed me last night before I left. But there was no need to talk at all. I knew what happened. Parashuram knew his version of what happened. All that was needed was pictures. Pictures to show the extent of damage done in Govapuri and the rest would be crafted. It was Islamia. They bombed us. And retaliation was required. It is to be shown in MinGyaan screen tomorrow night at the gathering and people will be mobilized to enlist. Although I knew Third Eye misfired... or was it a misfire? I was glad to get rid of those pictures. I could not bear to look at them anyway. Parashuram also said he needed hi-def pictures of the Christian Confederacy annual Redemption celebration in Washington D. C. we took day before... More public demonstrations of the capabilities of the Mother's Third Eye. We had real close-ups of King David IV looking over the fabled ritual of the burning of the old American Constitution. I had heard of it as a kid, never really believed it actually happened.

He took the pictures, chanted the name of Great Mother and coldly walked away. And as he did, I saw in him my future. Or at least one of the only two possible ends I will meet. The state of complete submission. The state of pure love for the Great Mother. To loose one's own sense of identity and being. To become one with everything else, as Great Mother calls it. Personally, I would rather go with the other option- brutal death at the hands of Karma agents.

Vishnu Varadharajan

PS: I know I know... he must be turning in his grave.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The ambiguity of tyranny

"The First Amendment does not protect a man who falsely shouts 'Fire' in a crowded theater and causes panic"
- Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
Schenck v. United States
March 3, 1919

Caution: The ambiguity is not immediately apparent.

... Concluded.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The ambiguity of freedom

In short, the American Flag represents this- that I have the right to burn it.

So do I burn it, or protect it?

To be continued...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tan Tan Tan-Dan-Dan-Dan!

"... and his work on the Declaration of Independence laid the ideals on which America was built. I hope you enjoyed my report on Thomas Jefferson"
"Ok, very nice Stan. You get a B. Now let's see who is next ... hmmm... who is next..."
"No, God please not me... Oh Jesus son of God, Oh Father in Heaven no..."
"... how about you Eric?"
"Aaw! Godd-ddd-dammit..."
"Eric Cartman"
"What did you say!"
"Don't you have the report on your favorite person from History ready?"
"Yes I have"
"Then why don't you come here and present it?"
"I'm gonna"
"Now Eric!"
"Godd-ddammit!... Good Morning. Today I'm going to talk about my favourite person in History, who is ... umm... eh... yeah I know, Adolf Hitler!"
"Adolf Hitler was a great leader... umm... he was totally awesome... umm.. he was the leader of Germany and did many good things for the world... "
"This is full of crap! You can't like Adolf Hitler! He just mass-murdered people and started the World War. He din't do anything good!"
"Yes he did! He identified the Joo problem and solved it by killing them..."
"This is outrageous! This is a hate speech!"
"... Mrs. Garrison I'm really having a difficult time with all these interruptions"
"Kyle, let Eric present his report"
"You call this a report? How can you allow this kinda racist crap?"
"That's enough Kyle! Go on Eric"
"... ummm yeah... and so, Hitler killed the Joos and ... ummm, got the world rid of Hippies and Gingers! That was my report on Adolf Hitler which I prepared after extensive study and research. Thank you!"
"It's obvious you just made all that up right now. You get an F Eric, now go back to your seat"
"Aaw! Godd-dammit!"
"Hmm, now let's see... Kyle you are next"
"My favorite person from history is the Indian spiritual and national leader, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi"
"Mrs. Garrison, I seriously object to Kyle using the word 'Indian', its ignorant and racist. The correct term is 'Native Americans' "
"It's 'Indian' as in 'India', retard"
"Yeah, and besides, look who's talking- you are the one who is a racist assh*le, fat-ass!"
"M. K. Gandhi was also called 'Mahatma' Gandhi or a great soul in India. He helped India get independence through non-violent and peaceful struggle, not by killing... "
"He was born in an affluent family in India. His family's good standing in the society enabled him to have good education after which, he moved to England to study law. He went to practice in South Africa, where he campaigned for the rights of Indians and the native people who faced racist discrimination at the hands of the administration run by the minority white population. Later he went back to India and started a mass-movement for freedom against the British administration. He also worked hard to bring dignity to the people of low caste in India, who were historically discriminated. His famous methods of peaceful resistance have been used by many leaders all over the world, including Martin Luther King. Thank you."
"Very Good Kyle, you get an A"
"What! Thats bull-crap!"
"Eric, for the love of God..."
"No seriously, Kyle gives this gay-little speech about some p*ssy-ass Joo and you give him an A, while I get an F!"
"Gandhi wasn't a Jew fat-ass, he was a Hindu"
"Hindoo, Joo they are all the same. And did you see the obvious holes in his report Mrs. Garrison? There were people in his own country who were discriminated and this guy goes about accusing government of being racist in South Africa. How is that discrimination any better than racism?"
"No, that's different"
"Different? People in India identify caste based on their parent's caste right? In other words, its their birth which defines the basis of their discrimination. Well, its the same with racism. Except here, you have an obvious indicator of your birth, which is the color of your skin"
"Eric you get an F and that's final"
"Fine, I don't want to sit in a class with people who live in denial. Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

I had intended to post this on Oct 2, but since I was about half-dead then, I decided to postpone it to Jan 30.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

Poetry... using Paintbrush!